Substance Use Disorder Services

Cascade, Community Allied Behavioral Health

Selected imageCascade's Substance Use Disorder Program treats adults, their families, and their significant others with dignity and respect to facilitate their recovery from the disease of substance use disorder through  counseling and education, while providing links to ancillary community support services. Patients are encouraged to explore self-defeating behaviors that may hinder personal growth and will be provided opportunities to receive help through community-based support systems.

Our program is based on the following principles, that substance use disorder: is a primary, Bio-Psycho-Social chronic disease; that it necessitates a new life style free from mind/mood altering drugs; that it is a family disease; that recovery is an on-going process; and that community based support is essential to long term recovery capital.



Services include:
DUI Assessments
Intensive Outpatient
Co-Occurring Disorders
Referral and Placement assistance
Family engagement/support
Anger Management


 Substance Use Disorder Services provided at:




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